Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Tanah Datar district administration will present the "Sarawa Galembong", Minangkabau traditional black pants that have a large circumference down to the ankles and are usually worn in Randai art attractions to the cyclists in the Tour de Singakrak.

The Sarawa Galembong pants will be presented to the Tour de Singkarak participants, including the foreign cyclists, when they pass through Tanah Datar district on June 11, 2011, said Shadiq Pasadigoe, the Tanah Datar district head recently.

A total of 234 cyclists including 15 foreign teams will compete in the Tour de Singkarak, which will be held in West Sumatra province on June 6 through 12, 2011.

After receiving the Sarawa Galembong pants, all the cyclists will also be treated to dinner and a cultural show at the Pagaruyung Palace, which is one of West Sumatra`s tourism icons symbolizing the Minangkabau tradition and culture.

Following the welcoming ceremony at the Pagaruyung Palace, the race will continue to Padangpanjang, a distance of 39 km.

Aside from that the culture and tourism office in Bukittinggi has also scheduled to welcome all the cyclists who will participate in the Tour de Singkarak by presenting the traditional dances and processions of horse carts.

The welcoming ceremony for the participants will be held at the Big Clock park.

The 15 teams to participate in the event offering Rp750 million in prize money will come from Japan, China, Iran, the Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Britain, Taipei, New Zealand, Ireland, Russia, Kyrgistan, Spain and Indonesia, said Sapta Nirwandar, the Culture and Tourism Ministry`s director general of marketing.

The foreign teams are the Aisan Racing Team (Japan), Holy Brother Cycling Team (the People`s Republic of China), Azad University and Tabritz Petrochemical Cycling Team (Iran), the Philippines (Eleven), Plan B Racing Team and Eddy Hollands Bicycle Services (Australia), Trengganu Pro Asia Cycling Team and Le Tua (Malaysia), Global Cycling Team (the Netherlands), Giant Kenda Cycling Team, Team Fuji, and Action Cycling Team (Taipei), and CCN Colossi comprising several states including New Zealand, Ireland, Russia, Kyrgistan, Spain and United Kingdom.

In the meantime, Indonesia will be represented by 11 teams namely Araya Indonesia (Sidoarjo in East Java), Custom Cycling Club (Jakarta), Polygon Sweet Nice (Surabaya in East Java), Putra Perjuangan (Bandung in West Java), United Bike Kencana Team (Malang in East Java), Tirta Cycling Team (Solo) Binong Baru Passel (Cirebon in West Java), Jakarta province, Peng-ISSI (West Sumatra) and the Prima Utama and Prima Muda (Pelatnas Sea Games).

The event which has become an annual agenda of UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) is the third of its kind, he said.

Tour de Singkarak 2011 will take overall seven stages covering 739.3 km through 12 districts/cities in West Sumatra.

In a bid to make the Tour de Singkarak a success, the Culture and Tourism ministry has invited the Amaury Sport Organizations (ASO), as the Tour de France organiser, to give inputs in carrying out the Tour de Singkarak.

"We hope that consultation with the ASO will make the international bike racing more popular," Sapta said.

ASO has a long experience in organizing the international events like Tour de France, Paris Dakkar rally, and the Paris Marathon.

The event organizer said the cyclists will compete in seven stages, namely Padang (Stage 1), Padang-Sicincin-Pariaman (Stage 2), Pariaman-Bukittinggi (Stage 3), Bukittinggi-Harau Valley (Stage 4), Payakumbuh-Sawahlunto (Stage 5), Sawahlunto-Istana Basa Pagaruyung (Stage 6A), Istana Basa Pagaruyung-Padang Panjang (Stage 6B), Padang Panjang, Danau Kembar (Twin Lakes (Stage 7A), and Danau Kembar-Danau Singkarak (Lake Singkarak (Stage 7B).

The racing route will cover 12 districts and regions or cities in West Sumatra which will begin from the city of Padang.

Meanwhile, West Sumatra governor Irwan Prayitno said in Padang recently that the provincial administration has allocated one billion rupiah from the local budget in addition to other budgets from the central government and districts/cities administrations.

In addition, Sapta Nirwandar said recently that Padang Restaurant network in various places including overseas were utilized as a means to publicize the Tour de Singkarak 2011.

According to him, Tour de Singkarak 2011 was not merely a bike racing championship but also to promote the tourist resorts of West Sumatra province which have not been much explored at the international level.

Culture and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik together with the West Sumatra governor Irwan Prayitno and Sapta Nirwandar inaugurated the Tour de Singkarak 2011 in Jakarta on Friday (May 20), marking the government readiness to hold the international event.

This international cycling event has been defined as a sports tourism destination in the country, Sapta said, hoping that through the event, the racing sport bike enthusiasts will travel to West Sumatra.

"They do not just watch the race but at the same time enjoy the beauty of the natural wealth and culture of West Sumatra," he said.

Indirectly tourists will also be familiar with the culture of the region including West Sumatra culinary so they will come back as tourists "repeaters", Sapta Nirwandar expected.


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