Pancasila needs to be implemented to economic system

Pamekasan, E Java (ANTARA News) - Activist from Indonesian Nationalists Students Movements (GMNI) in Pamekasan, Madura, Hafid Hamsih has called for Indonesia`s five principles ideology, Pancasila, to be implemented into the economic system of this country.

"The implementation of Pancasila values can be manifested through the economic system that is harmonious with the nation`s ideologies, which is economy for the people as is stipulated in the 1945 Constitution," Hamsih said hereon Friday.

He observed, until now, the implementation of Pancasila values and the 1945 Constitution in the economic system has not been properly grounded, due to lack of attention from all sides.

Even the program that was implemented to increase the livelihood of the economy is still moving at a slow pace, compared to the growth of the capitalist economy.

What was meant to happen was that the economic movement for the people, or often referred to as populace economy, needs to move in sync, or even faster than any other expansion program in this country.

Because, according to Hamsih, the economy is the "breath" and "heart" of this country.

"All this time, we have not seen any hard efforts to move the economic wheel for the people. The movement of the populace economy, if there even is such a thing, always loses in favor of the liberal economic movement and capitalist," he said.

He added that as a country that based their nation`s ideology on the Pancasila, the economic movement should be steered towards the values of the Pancasila.

The capitalism economy that is rising vastly in this country will only be profitable to several small niches because it does not involve a large portion of the people like it does in the concept of the populace economy.

The backbone of the economy that until this day has been judged as a representation of a populace economy in Indonesia, like the cooperative, is still facing a lot of hurdles. one of the problems is human resources.

"That is why on the birth date of the Pancasila, June 1st, we ask everyone to use this date as a momentum to improve and arrange the rise of the populace economy, a economic system based on the ideology values of Pancasila," Hamsih said. (*)