Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Some 75 soldiers grouped in the Military Police Unit of Eastern Sector of the Garuda Contingent XXV-D/United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon (UNIFIL) under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Ida Bagus Rahwan Diputra received a token of appreciation.

The Indonesian Military Police Task Force of Konga XXV-D/UNIFIL Sergeant Major Parjo by Antara`s electronic message in Jakarta on Thursday said that the task force has received a token of appreciation, namely Military Police Eastern Sector (SEMPU) unit Insignia or appreciation as International Military Police force in the Eastern Sector, and PAZ Insignia (appreciation for peace Spanish style), handed over by Eastern Sector Commander of UNIFIL Brig General Julio Herrero Isla (Spain) at the headquarters of Eastern Sector, Base Miguel De Cervantes, Southern Lebanon, on Wednesday (July 11).

The pinning is left symbolically to the Indonesiabn POM task force commander Lit Col Ida Bagus Rahwan Diputra on behalf of all the military police task force personnel.

The Eastern Sector Commander of UNIFIL Brig Gen Julio Herrero Isla expressed his words of thanks for the dedication of the Indonesian soldiers grouped in the Indonesian Military Police task force for their professionalism in performing their tasks, and maintaining their discipline of all the UN military in their Area of Responsibility of the Eastern Sector of UNIFIL.

In the meantime POM task force commander Lt Col Ida Bagus Rahwan Diputra who extended the Letter of Appreciation to the Eastern Sector Commander of UNIFIL said he has given his attention and guidance to all the members of the POM task force.

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