Panther enters residence area in Banten

Panther enters residence area in Banten

Photo document of Javanese panther (Panthera pardus melas). (ANTARA/Musyawir)

"We urged the people not to kill the endangered species."
Lebak (ANTARA News) - A female Javanese panther (Panthera pardus melas) that entered the residence area of Baduy in Kanekes village, Lebak Regency, Banten, was recently caught in a trap.

"I predict that the panther caught in the trap was foraging," said Usep Suparno, an officer from the Forestry and Plantation Sub-official of Lebak, here on Monday.

He added that the weight of the animal was some 80 kilograms, and its body length was 1.5 meters.

The coat colour of the endemic panther, including endangered and protected species, is dark yellow, stated Usep.

"Their habitat in Mount Halimun-Salak National Park has been disturbed because of illegal logging activities, which have led to a decrease in the number of prey, such as warthogs and small deer," remarked Usep.

He admitted that panthers usually only enter villages or plantations in Lebak as a result of a damaged habitat.

He has urged residents to preserve the forest and this endangered animal since the forest area in Lebak is a habitat for the endemic panther.

"We urged the people not to kill the endangered species," said Usep.

According to him, the institution has cooperated with other agencies such as the Natural Resources Conservation Agency, the Forestry Police, and people around the national park to avoid the extinction of the species.

The institution has also provided counselling for the local residents and has encouraged discourse to protect the animal.

"This creature`s population could be a source of scientific information about our ancestors," he noted.

The Head Villager of Kanekes, Daenah, remarked that he had reported the finding to the relevant sub-official and agency.

According to him, the panther had been trapped for two days since Friday night (Jan 11) and was released on Sunday (Jan 13) after it broke out of the net in which it was trapped.

Daenah affirmed that the nocturnal species had suffered no injuries.

"I believe the panther had no injuries since we did not find any fallen fur," pointed out the Head Villager.