Indonesian puppet show attracts audience in Turkey

Cairo, Egypt (ANTARA News) - A wayang golek (Puppet) show presented by an art group of Jakarta Puppet Museum attracted visitors at Youth International Festival in Antalaya City, Turkey.

"The puppet show attracted the audience and triggered laughter as the puppeteer presented funny stories in English and Turkish," said Chief of Art and Culture and Information Division of the Indonesia Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, Robertus Irawan to ANTARA News here Sunday.

The puppeteer Tantan Sugandi presented the story of Ramayana epic to the visitors in the festival.

Robertus said Turkey also has the almost-similar art like wayang, named "karagoz hacivat kuklasi" that tells about funny epic and advice to the people.

The 16th International Youth Festival is participated by several countries such as Germany, Czech, Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Japan, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium.

The festival which was entitled: "Having Contingents in One Map" held in five days (May 13-17) and located in Akdeniz University is held to celebrate Turkish Youth Day.

Indonesian Ambassador to Turkey Nahari Agustini said the puppet show was an effort to tighten bilateral cooperation among the two countries who already had a strong relation in strategic partnership.

Meanwhile, the Director for International Cooperation of Akdeniz University Prof Dr Burhan Okzan in a meeting with Ambassador Agustini offered scholarships in various subjects to Indonesian students.

The Head of Jakarta Puppet Museum Dahlan admitted that his institution introduced Indonesian arts actively to foreign countries through puppet shows.

"The show in Turkey is our second effort in introducing Indonesian arts to the foreign country," Dahlan said.