Ternate to be designed as tourism city

Ternate to be designed as tourism city

Photo document of Al Munawar Mosque seen on the beach Ternate, North Maluku. The mosque which was inaugurated on August 5, 2010 has become one of the attractions is often referred to as a floating mosque has four pillars and 2 of which are embedded in the sea. (ANTARA/Prasetyo Utomo)

The central government`s commitment to turning Ternate into a tourism city..."
Ternate, North Maluku (ANTARA News) - The central government, through the ministries of tourism and creative economy, education and culture, and public works, has planned to design Ternate as a tourism city in Indonesia.

"The central governments commitment to turning Ternate into a tourism city is proven through the allocation of funds in significant amounts to revitalize Fort Oranje in the city center," Mayor Burhan Abdurrahman stated here on Wednesday.

Burhan pointed out that as a historical city, Ternate has a variety of excellence in the field of tourism, and thus, the city administration is committed to making tourism as one of the leading sectors in North Maluku province.

According to the mayor, the central government has fully supported the Ternate city administrations efforts to develop the tourism sector, particularly in the city and generally in the province.

Therefore, he noted that the funds obtained from the central government will be spent on the revitalization of Fort Oranje, built by the Dutch in 1607.

He noted that the revitalization of Fort Oranje was part of the local administrations efforts to design Ternate as a tourism city in North Maluku.

"Ternate is also part of the Indonesian Heritage Cities Network (JKPI) and therefore various efforts to optimize the tourism potential in the city should be supported by all parties," Burhan pointed out.

Meanwhile, Regional Legislative Assembly (DPRD) spokesman Asghar Saleh confirmed that the central governments attention to the tourism development in Ternate was inseparable from Burhans attempt to lobby the government.

"The effort of the Ternate mayor to lobby the central government has gained a strong support to develop the city into a tourist destination in North Maluku," Asghar stressed.

However, he added that the effort to turn Ternate into a tourism city will materialize only if all public elements support the Fort Oranje revitalization program and for other historical sites in the city.

Asghar noted that besides being the city of trade and service in North Maluku, Ternate also has high tourism potential that could be developed to increase local peoples economy and welfare.