We are now completing the facilities to cultivate ..."
Samarinda (ANTARA News) - The North Penajam Paser District, East Kalimantan Province, annually produces thousand tons of seaweed harvested from 150 hectares of plantation land, Head of Districts Marine and Fishery Office Ahmad Usman stated here on Thursday.

He pointed out that the produce is still relatively low as compared to the potential of the coastal area in the district.

"The potential area that can be used for seaweed plantation in North Penajam Paser reaches one thousand hectares, while we are only utilizing 150 hectares," Ahmad said.

According to him, the seaweed business is promising as the price is about Rp10 to Rp12 thousand, or about US$1, per kilogram.

The office is setting up the management system to develop the districts seaweed potential.

"We are now completing the facilities to cultivate and process the seaweed as well as to provide a cooperative to accommodate the harvest," Ahmad remarked.

He explained that some constraints that hinder the optimal production of seaweed include the large amount of fresh water mixing with the salt water during the rainy season, which affects the growth of seaweed, among others.

The sea waves also pose another challenge for the seaweed farmers as they cause more sediment to adhere to the seaweed, which affects their quality.

The potential areas for seaweed cultivation are in Nipah-nipah, Sungai Paret, Sesulu, Tunan, and Api-api villages," Ahmad stated.

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