The nets were handed over to a community health center (Puskesmas) in the area."
Pangkalpinang (ANTARA News) - The Health Agency of Pangkalpinang municipality, Bangka-Belitung, has distributed 896 insecticide-treated mosquito nets in sub-districts and villages in order to reduce the number of malaria cases.

"We have done this to protect the citizens from the disease of malaria. The nets contain an insecticide that repels mosquitoes, but is still safe for use by people," the Staff of Health Control at the Pangkalpinang Health Agency Tri Endariyanto said on Saturday.

About 400 mosquito nets have been distributed in the Pangkal Balam sub-district, 25 in the Girimaya sub-district, 32 in the Pasir Putih village, 350 in the Melintang village, 40 in the Air Itam village and 49 in the Selindung village.

"The nets were handed over to a community health center (Puskesmas) in the area. It is specifically meant for pregnant women," he stated.

The mosquito nets were made using a polymer that has been mixed with insecticide.

"The nets provide protection from mosquitoes, flies and other insects that carry viruses and bacteria that can cause a variety of diseases," he said.

"We hope that the nets can be used by people so that the objective of a malaria-free community can be realized," Endariyanto added.

(Reported by Kasmono/Uu.INE/KR-BSR/O001)

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