This will become an agenda of systemic struggle for legitimacy of LGBT community in the country."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Lawmaker Mahfudz Siddik warned of growing criminality involving lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) in the country.

The chairman of Commission I of the Parliament described the situation in the country as alarming with the LGBT phenomenon that needs serious addressing.

Mahfudz cited the most recent case involving popular artist Syaiful Jamal and presented IB, who were accused of committing sexual abuse with underage people of the same sex.

"If we look closely into the indicators of the phenomenon, I fear Indonesia is entering a situation of emergency with the LGTB danger," he said.

Among the indicators is that the LGTB cases involve mainly public figures especially artists who are often seen as a role model by their fans.

The second indicator is that as they involve public figures, the LGTB cases are often spotlighted by the mass media and widely disseminated especially television, he said.

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission, in February, 2016 alone served six warnings against TV programs on LGTB and their behaviors.

The third indicator is attempts to rally lesbians, gays and bisexuals to demand recognition of their rights and existence as a community.

At the same time they seek to increase their number especially from among public figure that would be more effective as a role model to attract more people, he said.

The fourth indicator is that at the same time with the third indicator, there is growing defense voiced by individuals or institutes, of the rights demanded by the LGTB, he said.

"There are already academicians emerging to champion move to defend the right of LGTB community, and meanwhile, non government organization (LSM) are active giving advocacy," he said.

He said he also noted there are multinational companies involved in promoting the interest of LGBT.

He said he even suspected that foreign donor agencies financed the campaigns for the recognition of the rights of LGTB in the country.

The fifth indicator is the viral campaigns through social media utilized by LGBT and their sympathizers to spread their aspirations rallying support and catching new followers.

Unfortunately, until now there is no regulation effective to control the viral campaigns through the social media, he said.

"Especially as there are indications that the social media program providers, which are generally based abroad seem to be permissive to LGTB," he said.

The sixth indicator is there is no law and regulation in the country clearly banning LGTB community.

The seventh is that physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists have clearly declared that LGTB sexual behavior is an anomaly, a deviation in orientation and is contagious.

Anyone could fall victim of its contamination regardless of age and background, he said.

All religions have prohibited LGTB, he added.

The eight indicator is that until now the government is not clear on the existence of LGTB in its context of the danger and threat to the future of the nation.

The ninth is LGTB campaigns that take place in the country are inspired by the success of their movements in a number of other countries mainly in Europe where they have legal recognition.

"This will become an agenda of systemic struggle for legitimacy of LGBT community in the country," Mahfudz Siddik said.

The indicators gave strong reason to say that Indonesia is entering an emergent situation facing the danger of LGBT, he said.

The government and the Parliament and all elements of the community should be aware of the situation, and act collectively to cope with the problem, he said.

"The mass media including the broadcasting service media and social media should restrain from spreading reports about the behaviors of LGTB," he said.
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