President urges for expediting development

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo has called for expediting the development efforts to make use of the momentum of economic growth and optimism by taking credible steps.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said at the presidential palace compound here on Friday that the President wished to accelerate the development efforts in view of a number of economic indicators.

"I have seen the economic indicators. We will continue this momentum of improvement and optimism. The development could be expedited by taking certain credible steps," she stated.

Mulyani added that the most important thing now was to explain the situation to different stakeholders who can play a very important role in the economic sector, including those in the community, business circles and parliament.

"All budget instruments and government policies would be decided based on as much accurate data or information as possible," she stressed.

The policies will also clearly depict the available opportunities.

"If the investors found any problems or hurdles in the policies, they must tell so and we will respond adequately. I think it will create a better momentum," she explained.

The President will continue monitoring the current economic growth, recorded at 5.18 percent, and has asked the finance ministry to keep track of the indicators and respond through better policy formulation, she noted.

"Inflation must be low and economic growth must be high to create jobs. We will see if there are still areas that remain vulnerable to internal or external factors and will then respond in the required manner," she assured. (*)