Palestine demands UN resolution on illegal Israeli settlements

Tehran, Iran (ANTARA News) - The Palestine National Council urged the UN Security Council to issue a resolution against the Law on Israeli Settlement Legalization in Palestinian lands, Indonesian House of Representatives member, Mahfuz Sidik, stated here, Tuesday (Feb 21).

The demand on issuing a resolution was delivered during the 6th International Conference In Support of the Palestinian Intifada organized by the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran on February 21-22, 2017.

The demand was made in response to the decision of the Israeli Parliament (Knesset), which on February 6, 2017, approved a bill to legalize the construction of four thousand new homes on Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

The legalization, which has angered the Palestinians, is a way for Israel to carry forward the occupation agenda on Palestinian lands and the construction of illegal settlements.

Not only Palestinians but also some members of the Knesset and Jews have expressed their rejection to the legalization.

"As the Islamic world has run out of energy due to conflicts and wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and some Muslim lands, the Zionist Jews feel safe to continue their occupation of Palestine by seizing the Palestinians lands and building illegal new houses for the Jews," Sidik, who is attending the conference, noted.

Sidik explained that until now, the number of new Israeli settlers in Palestinian lands reaches almost one million, with most of them living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

According to data from the Israeli Interior Ministry, in January 2015, some 390 thousand Israelis live in the West Bank and about 375 thousand in East Jerusalem.

They live in the new housing areas surrounded by a high-security fence and security posts.

According to the Yesha Council, until June 2014, Israelis have occupied 121 new settlements in the West Bank, which the UN had established for Palestinians.

The four new largest Israeli settlements are located in Modiin, Beitar Illite, Maale Adumim, and Ariel.

"Today, only 10 percent of the Palestinian territory, located in the West Bank and Gaza, is not controlled by Israelis. Israel continues to occupy and build new settlements by disregarding all world reactions, including the UN resolutions and the Geneva Conventions," Sidik remarked.

He stated that during the debate in the Knesset on Monday (Feb 20), Tel Aviv had insisted that all land is owned by Israelis, which means the entire land of Palestine is the property of Israel.

"Hence, protests and resolutions will never halt the Israeli occupation of Palestine," Sidik added.(*)