Bandung, W Java (ANTARA News) - The three alleged terrorists arrested by the anti-terror squad this week had attempted to set off a bomb at a restaurant in Bandung earlier in May, but it failed to explode.

"The group had planned to blow up a restaurant in Astana Anyar with 1.5 kg of bomb," a spokesman of West Java police Senior Commissioner Yusri Yunus said here, Wednesday.

However, the bomb failed to explode because of mistakes in the bombmaking.

"They tried to explode 1.5 kg of bomb but failed," Yusri stated.

The three suspects known by their initials AW, AAS, and K, then tried to make another bomb in AWs rented house in Buahbatu region. However, their second attempt also failed.

"They tried to make a bomb, but the result was not satisfying. There was no explosion but only smoke. They dumped it in a river in front of the rented house," he explained.

In their third attempt, the suspects made a 60 mg of bomb, but it exploded in AWs rented house, Saturday, before they could detonate it at the targeted location.

AW claimed that they had planned to launch bomb attacks in Astana Anyar restaurant, a church in Buahbatu and a cafe in Braga on July 16. (*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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