Palu, C Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - The Environment Ministry will strengthen the development of forest management unit (KPH) in all regions across the country, the Forestry Resources Director Rufiie said here on Monday.

"One unit now has been established in Central Sulawesi province," he remarked during the Community-Based Business Economy Development Forum held in the provinces capital city Palu.

The unit has played an important role in ensuring the just distribution of forestry resources, Rufiie stated.

He further explained that some large companies, under the HPH concession scheme, have dominated the forestry business.

"Although the scheme is still applied, the business in the grass-root level will be run professionally by the unit," he remarked.

As a result, the unit will be beneficial for the community living near the forest according to the director.

"The forestry resources should be well-governed in order to achieve the maximum results," he noted.

Apart from the business interest, the good governance in the forestry sector will support the sustainability of the wildlife flourished in the forest.

Most companies now have developed some timbers, such as teak wood and rattan, and several derivative products, including resin, rubber, honey, candle nut, as well as some non-log commodities.

The ministry hoped that in the future, the local governments would improve the development of non-timber product.

The commodity, according to Ruffie, has a high economy value, which should be optimized, because the resource could serve as a source of livelihood to the community.

Therefore, he remarked that the government, along with the community and the private sector, should maintain a good cooperation in the forestry sector.

"We call all stakeholders to set a partnership in order to improve this sector," he reiterated, while calling the private businesses to support the products developed by the local community as well as the unit.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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