DPR asks police to investigate muslim cyber army

DPR asks police to investigate muslim cyber army

The Chairman of Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR), Bambang Soesatyo.(ANTARA /Dhemas Reviyanto) ()

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Chairman of Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR), Bambang Soesatyo, has asked the Commission III to encourage Police to investigate the cyber crime group, namely the Muslim Cyber Army (MCA), which spreads fake news and provocative issues.e

"Police should investigate the creator or the main initiator of the MCA at the domestic and international level, because the fake news can provoke the public," Soesatyo stated here on Thursday.

Previously, the Directorate of Cyber Crime of Indonesian Police had arrested six suspects accused to be members of MCA.

The chairman also hoped that the State Intelligent Service and the Cyber and Sign Agency would intensively cooperate with the police.

All agencies related to cyber crime should intensify cooperation to investigate and reveal the engagement possibilities of other parties, such as the funders and the initiators of the hoax issues.

"They should identify the possibilities of other groups who could spread the fake news and provocative issues through social media," Soesatyo remarked.

Additionally, the Chairman of DPR also asked the provider and developers of media social and chat applications to obey the regulations that have been published by the Communication and Informatics Ministry.

"I appeal to the people to not be easily provoked by issues that disintegrate people`s unity by spreading racial, tribal, and religious issues through media social," Soesatyo revealed.

Previously, police had arrested suspects accused to be members of MCA, who joined a group of Whatsapp application, namely "The Family MCA."

The suspects include ML, arrested in Sunter of N Jakarta, RSD arrested in Bangka Belitung Province, RS arrested in Jembrana of Bali Province, and Yus arrested in Sumedang of W Java.

The police investigation has gathered evidence that the MCA group frequently spread several provocative issues through social media and chat applications.

Reported by Riza Harahap