Aceh targets four million domestic tourists

Aceh targets four million domestic tourists

Sabang, Aceh . (ANTARAA FOTO/Ampelsa)

Banda Aceh (ANTARA News) - The provincial government of Aceh has set a target to attract four million domestic tourists in 2018.

"We are optimistic that the target will be achieved along with the efforts of the Aceh Tourism and Culture office, one of them with various tourist attractions held this year," said Head of the office`s marketing section Rahmadhani in Banda Aceh on Friday.

He explained in 2018 the Aceh Government has targeted that domestic tourists who come to the province will reach some five million and 150 thousand foreign tourists.

According to him, the target domestic tourist arrivals will be achieved along with the various top events of Aceh 2018 held during the year, which is part of the attraction of tourists to come to the province.

"We predict that after the presentation of some top Acehnese events throughout 2018, we will be able to increase both domestic and foreign tourist arrivals," he said.

There are also a variety of tourist attractions held to potentially bring in tourists, including the Aceh Culinary Festival, PKA 7, Gayo Alas International (GAMI) Festival 2018, Freediving and many other activities.

He said in addition to the various attractions, Aceh also has many events to attract tourists, offering a great variety of scenes that are not inferior compared to other provinces in the country.
Reporting by M Ifdhal
Editing by Andi Abdussalam, Yoseph