Bogor, Dec 1 (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) took time to take pictures with teachers while attending the 73rd anniversary of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) and the National Teachers? Day at the Pakansari Stadium in Cibinong, West Java, on Saturday.

Jokowi took a selfie with the teachers while entering and exiting the Pakansari Stadium.

The president wore PGRI batik while attending the event and took pictures with the teachers who were sitting in the stands and waiting at the exit of the stadium.

In his remarks, the president stressed that the teaching profession remains a noble profession and cannot be replaced by even the most sophisticated machines.

"Teachers must be teachers. They cannot be replaced by any sophisticated machine, no matter how sophisticated they are. Teaching is a noble profession that shapes the character of the nation`s children with character, tolerance, and good values," Jokowi remarked.

The teacher is the party that fosters social empathy, builds imagination and creativity, and strengthens the spirit of national unity, especially for future generations.

But nowadays, classrooms are not the only place to study.

"The virtual world is our campus. Now, we also talk as we are, and Google has also become our library. Wikipedia is also our encyclopedia. Kindle and electronic books are also our textbooks," he revealed.

The president requested teachers to be aware of the rise of digital media.

"We are often surprised by how our young people are able to learn independently. They know far more through technological assistance. Therefore, the teacher`s role must not only be teaching but also managing student learning. Teachers are required to be more flexible, creative, interesting, and more fun for students, "the president explained.

After focusing for four years on infrastructure development, the government, according to the president, will focus on the development of human resources (HR), so that the teacher`s role will be increasingly central, primary, and strategic.

"Teachers must become agents of transformation to strengthen our human resources and to build the talents of the nation`s children. As the topic of today`s program, teachers are required to increase the professionalism to lead the 21st century education," the president pointed out.

Reporting by Desca Lidya Natalia
Editing by Eliswan

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