KPK deposits over Rp500 billion in state treasury in 2018

KPK deposits over Rp500 billion in state treasury in 2018

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). (ANTARA /Muhammad Adimaja)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has deposited in the state treasury over Rp500 billion originating from the auction of confiscated goods and cases of corruption and money laundering in 2018.

"More than Rp500 billion has been included in the state treasury in the form of PNBP (Non-Tax State Revenue) from handling cases. This includes revenue from the auction of confiscated goods and spoils from cases of corruption and money laundering to the tune of Rp44.6 billion," Deputy Chairperson of KPK Saut Situmorang stated at the Jakarta KPK building on Wednesday.

Situmorang made the statement during the year-end press conference of the 2018 KPK Performance attended by four KPK leaders -- Agus Rahardjo, Saut Situmorang, Laode M. Syarif, and Alexander Marwata -- as well as KPK Deputy for Prevention Pahala Nainggolan, Deputy Information and Data (Inda) Hary Budiarto, Deputy for Internal Supervision and Public Complaints (PIPM) Herry Muryanto, and KPK Public Relations Bureau Head Febri Diansyah.

The KPK, through the Asset Tracking Unit, Management of Evidence and Seized Goods (Labuksi), seeks to optimize asset recovery from corruption cases and TPPU.

In addition to conducting an auction with the Directorate General of State Wealth (DJKN), the execution of the auction of the booty is also carried out by utilizing the use status (PSP) and grants.

This pattern of execution was applied owing to the pressing requirements of the central or regional government for state booty, in both movable and immovable form, for government activities.

"There are shortcomings that have yet to be overcome, as the special law on seizure of assets has not been ratified, although the draft `bill` has long been with the DPR and the government but not yet been completed," Syarif pointed out.

Syarif said the KPK was optimistic of a revision of the Corruption Act (Tipikor) that included four elements: private sector corruption, increased wealth by illicit enrichment, trading in influence, and asset recovery.

"We initiated a draft refinement of the Corruption Law and will be submitted to the government and Justice, Law, and Human Rights Ministry (Kemenhukham), and during the discussion of the law, we worked with the Attorney General`s Office, Police, and PPATK and God willing, we will approach the president, so that some things that cannot be done under the law will be better upfront, especially for asset seizure," Syarif added.

The auction of confiscated goods and booty is being discussed with the Supreme Court (MA), so that it will issue a MA Regulation (PERMA) to clarify the matter of seizure of assets that already exists in the Criminal Procedure Code.

"This is done, so that the Prosecutor`s Office, police, and KPK can immediately auction off items whose value can go down before a court decision is taken," Syarif noted.

In 2018, the KPK had handed over booty valued at Rp96.9 billion.

The looted goods comprised nine plots of land valued at Rp1 billion in East Jakarta to the KPK that were planned to be used along with ministries and institutions and law enforcement apparatus as a place to store confiscated objects and loot; a plot of land, covering an area of 18,466 square meters and worth Rp16.5 billion, in Mlajah Sub-District of Bangkalan District to the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning (ATR) to be utilized for the construction of the East Java BPN (National Land Agency) office; and several vehicles for the functioning of the Attorney General`s Office and also the National Police Headquarters Criminal Investigation Unit.

The KPK, along with related partners, also launched the Technical Module for Handling TPPU Cases and Asset Recovery in the Capital Market. The module is expected to serve as a guideline for law enforcers to handle TPPU cases and asset recovery, especially in the capital market.

Reporting by Desca Lidya Natalia
Editing by Eliswan, Yoseph Hariyadi