Finance Minister asks W Papua to improve performance

Finance Minister asks W Papua to improve performance

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati was welcomed by elementary students while visiting PT MedcoPapua Hijau Selaras Palm Oil Plantation in Manokwari, West Papua on Wednesday (12/19/2018). (Satyagraha)

Manokwari, W Papua (ANTARA News) - Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani has asked the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan, to continue to improve the performance of the regional government.

On a working visit to Manokwari, on Wednesday, Sri Mulyani, stated that the transfer funds and village funds disbursed by the Ministry of Finance to West Papua in the coming 2019 amounted to Rp20.81 trillion. This number increased 22.6 percent from the year before 2018.

Of these funds, Rp63.3 billion are in the form of regional incentives. The performance of the regional government has increased, so that regional incentive funds in the following year can be added.

"So far, a number of West Papua Provincial Government`s performance is quite good. I hope that the performance will continue to improve, so that the incentive funds can be increased as well," Sri Mulyani remarked.

The General Allocation Fund (DAU) for 13 municipal districts and the West Papua Provincial Government in 2019 in general amounted to Rp8.29 trillion, Revenue Sharing Funds to Rp4.32 trillion, Special Autonomy Fund to Rp3.95 trillion, Physical Special Allocation Fund to Rp1.82 trillion, Village Fund to Rp1.52 trillion, Non-Physical Special Allocation Funds to Rp855.4 billion, and regional incentive funds to Rp63.3 billion.

Sri Mulyani will conduct an evaluation to examine more closely the causes of the decline in percentage of West Papua DAK for next year.

On that occasion, she also hoped that the expenditure of state institutions/ministries in the regions would work in synergy with the district / city and provincial governments, especially in alleviating poverty, catching up, overcoming infrastructure shortages, and spurring the development of potential that became regional excellence.

She explained that the DIPA of ministries / institutions in 2019, which are intended for work units (Satker) throughout West Papua, amounted to Rp7.53 trillion. This number also increased 9.6 percent from the previous year.

Sri Mulyani revealed that the ministry`s DIPA of Rp1.66 trillion was allocated for employee expenditure, Rp2.75 for goods expenditure, Rp3.11 trillion for capital expenditure, and Rp13.38 billion for social rock expenditure.

Reporting by Toyiban
Editing by Eliswan, Yoseph Hariyadi