Bengkalis police seize 14,585 kg of crystal meth

Bengkalis police seize 14,585 kg of crystal meth

Bengkalis Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hendra Gunawan shows the methamphetamine seized in Bukit Batu on Saturday (July 12. 2020).

Bengkalis, Riau (ANTARA) - The Bengkalis Police arrested three illicit drug couriers and seized 15 packets of crystal methamphetamine weighing 14,585 kilograms in Pangkalan Jambi, Bukit Batu Sub-district, on Saturday.

"The three perpetrators that we arrested are Arn, 42, a fisherman of Muntai Village; Des, 27, a resident of Kembung Baru Village; and Saf, 26, a resident of Pambang Baru Village, Bantan Sub-district, Bengkalis District," Bengkalis Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hendra Gunawan stated here on Monday.

Gunawan revealed that in addition to methamphetamine, the police confiscated four cellphones, three cars, and cash amounting to Rp3,557,000.

The police swung into action to arrest the drug traffickers after receiving a tip-off hinting at likely transactions of methamphetamine smuggled into Sumatra from Malaysia.

An investigation was later conducted in the villages of Muntai, Kembung, and Pambang in Bantan Sub-district. Two cars in those villages drew the suspicion of the officers, who then conducted close monitoring.

Upon arrival at the Pakning River, Bukitbatu, the team followed the cars to Pekanbaru. The officers later intercepted the cars and managed to retrieve evidence.

The arrested drug couriers claimed to have obtained the drugs from Pambang Pesisir Village from H alias T that would be brought to Maredan, Gunawan stated.

Arn, one of the suspects, confessed to being promised to receive Rp90 million if he succeeded in bringing the evidence to Maredan.

On account of these unlawful acts, the three suspects will be charged under Article 114, Paragraph (2) and Article 112, Paragraph (2) Jo Article 132 Paragraph (1) of RI Law Number 35 of 2009 on Narcotics, with maximum threat of capital punishment.  Related news: Police seize 159 kg of drugs, likely smuggled from China
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