State Film Production Company to function as film financing agency

State Film Production Company to function as film financing agency

The office building of state-run Film Production Corporation (PFN).

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The State Enterprises (BUMN) Ministry has planned to turn state-run Film Production Corporation (PFN) into a film financial institution to fund the production of Indonesian films.

"The PFN, in future, will also change significantly. PFN is no longer hustling with filmmakers. We are directing PFN to become a film financial institution," Arya Sinulingga, a special staff to the BUMN minister, stated during an online discussion here on Monday night.

The PFN will lead and enter the financial services cluster later, as it will fund domestic film production.

"Thus, indeed, the PFN will later fund films in Indonesia, so that we do not clash with existing filmmakers, but instead, we encourage the production of more Indonesian films," he affirmed.

Earlier, the National News Agency (LKBN) Antara, State Film Production Corporation (PFN), and book printing company PT Balai Pustaka (Persero) had inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for integration into a state-owned enterprise (BUMN) media cluster.

PFN President Director Judith J. Dipodiputro stated that this MoU will be a stepping stone for the three SOEs to not only survive and withstand the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic but also the future challenges of BUMN.

He is optimistic that the synergy of these three companies can become one of the strengths to support Indonesian SOEs to compete with other state-owned enterprises, particularly in the regional area.

Meanwhile, Main Director of Balai Pustaka Achmad Fachrodji noted that the media cluster is one that cannot be separated from the creative industry, including the role of people in it.

Hence, this momentum is expected to infuse enthusiasm and proffer benefits not only for the three business entities but also work in favor of realizing a brighter future for Indonesia. Related news: Govt to subsidize national film production
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