There are many potential export markets that are yet to be explored.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said Indonesia's export market potential remains to be explored optimally despite the country having abundant natural resources.

"There are many potential export markets that are yet to be explored. We are still lagging behind other countries in grabbing the opportunity to export," Jokowi said here on Friday.

He cited the example of coffee, saying Indonesia is the eighth largest exporter of coffee in the world even though in terms of production, it is the fourth largest coffee producer after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia.

"Indonesian coffee exports lagged behind Vietnam’s, which reached US$2.22 billion in 2019. Indonesia's coffee exports in 2019 were recorded at US$883.12 million," he revealed.

In the garment industry, Indonesia is ranked 22nd in global exports, despite the fact that the country is the eighth largest garment producer in the world, he pointed out.

A similar situation can also be seen in the wood industry, he said. Although Indonesia is the world's largest light-wood producer, it ranks 21st in furniture exports, he added.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is ranked 13th in terms of fisheries exports despite its position as the second largest producer of marine products, he continued.

The President urged all stakeholders to push aside pessimism in facing the challenges to business. "There is no other way for us but to make improvements, (and usher) major reforms to create a business ecosystem for our exporters," he stressed.

He reiterated that Indonesia has abundant potential for export with its vast variety of products, commodities, as well as high creativity and quality, volume capacity, and market share of export destination countries.

"The key is (to be) proactive; do not be passive," Widodo remarked. (INE)

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