Digital transformation drives Indonesia's economy: Indrawati

Digital transformation drives Indonesia's economy: Indrawati

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani. (16/3/2021). ANTARA/AstridFaidlatulHabibah.

This is an opportunity to transform our economy and various socio-economic activities toward digital transformation
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Advancements in technology and digital transformation owing to globalization have aided in boosting the Indonesian economy, particularly amid the COVID-19 crisis, according to Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

"This is an opportunity to transform our economy and various socio-economic activities toward digital transformation," the minister stated at the International Conference on Digital Transformation in Customs here on Tuesday.

Digital transformation is capable of boosting the national economy during the ongoing pandemic, as it has changed the manner of conducting business and activities, as well as helped the government in preparing regulations, the minister noted.

Furthermore, digital transformation has offered a plethora of opportunities, including for small and medium businesses, as they can survive during the pandemic by trading through digital platforms.

"The government is required to innovate, so that it can not only provide the right regulations and policies but also change the way we do business in serving the country and catering to the needs of society and businesses," Indrawati remarked.

To this end, all institutions -- the government, private sector, and society -- are mandated to respond to the acceleration and development of this digital transformation in order to continue to spur the Indonesian economy.

"We must derive the best from this digital transformation and ensure that productivity and innovation will be flawless," she affirmed.

On the other hand, Indrawati affirmed that digital transformation also posed several risks that should be addressed, such as the swiftly growing development of digital goods in the world.

Electronic transmission, which has increased significantly in the digital era, is able to blur boundaries between countries. Hence, the government should formulate the right policies to handle it.

"The government continues to formulate policies and regulations, so that we can make the best of this opportunity," she stated. Related news: Finance Minister sheds light on digital transformation policy
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