Bakauheni readies 4 harbors, 16 ferries for logistics transportation

Bakauheni readies 4 harbors, 16 ferries for logistics transportation

A ship anchored at a dock of Bakauheni Port in South Lampung, Lampung Province, on May 10, 2021).

Usually we operate 30 ferries, but now only 16.
Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA) - State-owned ferry operator PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry has operated four harbors and 16 ferries at its Bakauheni branch to transport logistics during the imposition of mudik or the Eid al-Fitr exodus ban on May 6-17.

"Of the total seven harbors, we operate four, of which three are regular and one executive harbor," General Manager of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry Bakauheni Branch Solikin stated here on Monday.

The ferries will only serve logistics trucks to cross the Sunda Straits that connect Sumatra and Java islands.

"Usually, we operate 30 ferries, but now only 16. However, we can increase the number of ferries at any time when the volume of logistics increases," he remarked.

The company will continue to evaluate the operation of logistics transportation at the port to avoid congestion.

In addition to logistics, PT ASDP has served passengers with urgent travel requirement and already holding the necessary travel documents verified by the COVID-19 handling task force personnel at the check post.

"We continue to facilitate travelers, but only those already verified by the COVID-19 task force at the check post," he stated.

Solikin urged the public, with urgent need to travel, to prepare the required travel documents, as the task force team will stop them before entering the Bakauheni Port to verify documents.

"Just follow the government's policy, as there will be a verification of documents before they can enter (the port). We will only carry passengers holding complete documents," he remarked.
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