Rainfall, drought among largely reported natural disasters in Aug BNPB

Rainfall, drought among largely reported natural disasters in Aug BNPB

Firefighters spray water to extinguish a fire in the village of Vila de Rei, Portugal, July 22, 2019. (ANTARA PHOTOS/REUTERS/Rafael Marchante/pras/rst).

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Rainfall and drought were among the most reported natural disasters to have struck areas in August 2021, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB).

"During August, hydrometeorological disasters continue to largely strike Indonesia. The BNPB recorded a total of 155 natural disasters during that month,” Acting Head of the BNPB Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center Abdul Muhari noted in a written statement received on Saturday.

Based on the disaster distribution map, several areas are required to prepare for wet and dry hydrometeorological disasters.

Two provinces in Kalimantan experienced wet hydrometeorological phenomena or high rainfall and dry hydrometeorology or drought.

“This phenomenon has triggered floods as well as forest and land fires, with a fairly high frequency in the provinces of Central Kalimantan and South Kalimantan,” Muhari stated.

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Floods in Central Kalimantan were recorded seven times, while forest and land fires occurred 11 times. Meanwhile, South Kalimantan experienced 10 incidents of forest and forest fires and flooding on four instances.

Muhari is optimistic that the local government would prepare their residents, as the potential for flooding and forest and land fires in a province depends on the characteristics of the local area.

The preparations must be tiered, from upstream to downstream, from the center to the regions.

“Starting with weather information that has the potential to trigger flooding, flash floods, and landslides as well as forest and land fires at the same time,” he added.

Local governments are expected to pass on information and follow up on requisite preparations with smaller administrative circles and communities.

“From here, we hope that early warnings would be followed up with immediate action or early action. Of course, we need specific weather information from related institutions, so that local governments can be clearer in offering guidance to the public, for instance, when, who, and where to evacuate," he stated. (
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