Telkom readies world-class telecommunication infrastructure for PON

Telkom readies world-class telecommunication infrastructure for PON

TelkomGroup Task Force technicians overseeing the readiness of communication services & stable internet networks in the Lukas Enembe Stadium area to support the successful implementation of Papua PON in Jayapura. (ANTARA/HO-Telkom/rst)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Director of network & IT solution of state-owned telecommunication company PT  Telkom Indonesia Herlan Wijanarko highlighted that the company was preparing world-class telecommunication infrastructure to support the 20th National Sports Week (PON XX) scheduled for October 2021 in Papua.

"We are conducting a redundancy network rehearsal test to ensure resilience, readiness, and security of the network and telecommunications systems used during the event," Wijanarko noted in a written statement on Monday.

Wijanarko confirmed that after being subject to multiple tests in the past three months, the telecommunications network for Papua PON 2021 was ready for use to meet the requirements of the entire contingent and the community.

The director remarked that Telkom had created a 99.99-percent backup system to support stable connectivity during the XX Papua PON 2021 on October 2-15, 2021.

As one of the companies supporting the provision of telecommunications infrastructure and services in Papua PON, Telkom has made assurance of steady communication and internet connectivity during the event.

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Wijanarko drew attention to various forms of preparation being made, including network tests or rehearsal tests, and infrastructure checks that will serve as a communication backbone during the National Games.

The network tests were conducted on the backbone infrastructure, access networks, and services for both Telkom and Telkomsel, including the Sulawesi-Maluku-Papua Cable System (SMPCS), in the form of submarine cables, satellites, IP radio, and cyber security attack (DDoS protection).

Telkom also established a task force of over 900 people comprising special technicians to support the regular technicians and experts in Papua and other areas in Indonesia.

These personnel are on duty daily at 49 venues from the four districts and cities where the event is held, specifically Jayapura City, Jayapura District, Mimika District, and Merauke District.

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In addition to ensuring network security and readiness in the four areas that will host the Papua PON, the Telkom Task Force is also tasked with mitigating risks in the Sulawesi-Maluku-Papua Cable System (SMPCS) that includes the East Palapa Ring network, satellites, radio towers, and submarine cables.

In addition to preparing the communication network infrastructure, Telkom provides wireless internet access points (Wi-Fi) to support stable internet connectivity during the Papua PON.

Telkom has readied 891 free Wi-Fi points spread across the competition arena and public spaces. Hundreds of Wi-Fi points provided by Telkom have a bandwidth capacity of over 100 Gbps.

Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom Edi Witjara spoke of Telkom having prepared various digital telecommunication services to ensure the smooth implementation of Papua PON.

"The services we provide include mobile telecommunication services through Telkomsel, the provision of private internet networks for security and information system requirements, as well as wireless internet services through hundreds of Wi-Fi points at various places," he noted.

According to Witjara, Telkom has also prepared a backup network via Satellite, IP Long Haul Radio, and a Sea Cable Communication System (SKKL) specifically leased via the Papua-New Guinea & American Guam Network (IPLC) as a backup for the existing network.  

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