Jakarta (ANTARA) - Industry Ministry and House's Commission VII support development of the solar panel industry to strengthen the domestic manufacturing structure to become more globally competitive, including in the electronics-based technology industry, such as PT Len Industri.

"We encourage PT Len industri to continue to deepen the industrial structure up to the downstream, especially in making solar cells by processing silica sand as raw materials," Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics (ILMATE) of the Ministry of Industry, Taufiek Bawazier, stated during a working visit with the House's Commission VII at PT LEN Industri, Bandung, West Java.

Deputy Chairman of DPR RI's Commission VII Eddy Soeparno stated that his side lauded PT Len Industri's efforts entailing improvements in manufacturing for the development of solar panels. This effort aims to push Indonesia to become an independent and sovereign country in terms of energy.

“In addition, we focus on solar cell products from PT. LEN that can be used in government infrastructure projects, such as the 14MW Floating Solar Power Plant (PLTS) project, Cirata reservoir, as well as in other energy projects," Soeparno noted.

PT Len Industri is engaged as an integrator in the electronics and telematics industry applied in defense electronics systems, information and communication technology (ICT) and navigation, renewable energy and power systems, as well as transportation and industry.

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"We are optimistic that PT Len Industri would play an important role in having a multiplier effect on the Indonesian economy, both in terms of industrial capabilities and technology transfer," Bawazier noted.

With its technological expertise, PT Len Industri has succeeded in responding to challenges and participating in national strategic projects to oversee the energy transition in Indonesia.

"PT Len Industri is also actively transforming into a developer of national-scale energy projects," Bawazier pointed out.

PT Len Industri has provided electricity to Indonesia by becoming an Independent Power Producer (IPP), along with Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Services, as well as a contractor for Procurement and Engineering Construction (EPC) projects.

Through the solar cell business line, the company strives to encourage the shift of energy from conventional to renewable energy, in line with the green economy program. In future, the company will seek to deepen its industrial structure to process silica sand as raw materials to produce solar cells.

“The solar module production capacity of PT Len Industri has reached 75 MW per year. Of course, we will not stop there and have planned to increase the capacity of solar modules, so that we can contribute more to the supply of new and renewable energy," President Director of PT. LEN Industri, Bobby Rasyidin, emphasized.

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Currently, the local content requirements (TKDN) of solar module products from PT. Industrial LEN has reached 47.5 percent.

"The company seeks to increase the value of TKDN by building a domestic solar cell factory. This is also in line with Indonesia's goal as a country with independence in the upstream industrial sector (component industry)," he added.

On the same occasion, Head of Standardization and Policy for Industrial Services (BSKJI) Doddy Rahadi remarked that on account of the important role of PT Len Industri, as an integrator, the government will support development of the electronics industry ecosystem.

To support the productivity of PT LEN Industri, several important aspects should be encouraged, including export facility, raw material procurement, and TKDN formulating.

"This effort certainly needs support from relevant stakeholders, such as across ministries and institutions," Rahadi remarked.

The Industry Ministry will also continue to encourage PT Len Industri, as a state-owned company, to develop the electronics industry ecosystem in order to support their main business. Related news: PT Len builds solar cell factory in Karawang

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