Govt focusing on advancing traditional music: official

Govt focusing on advancing traditional music: official

A performer at the International Ethnic Music Festival. (Photo by Eva Tobing/Eva Tobing/uyu)

All of us must take pride in our traditional music.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Director of film, music, and new media at the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry, Ahmad Mahendra, has said that the government is working on advancing traditional music.

This is part of the implementation of Law Number 5/2017 regarding the Advancement of Culture.

"Traditional music is one of our targets of cultural advancement which aims to build national character, cultural resilience, prosperity, and cultural diplomacy," he said during a virtual press conference at the International Ethnic Music Festival on Friday.

Indonesia’s rich culture, which includes its traditional music, has proved both a blessing and a challenge, especially when it comes to preserving and advancing it, he added.

"Indonesian people often lack confidence in their own traditional music -- especially the younger generation. Hence, they have to know that traditional music is wonderful. All of us must take pride in our traditional music," he added.

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Thus, a number of attempts have been carried out by the ministry to promote traditional music, he said. They include the organizing of the recent Traditional Music Congress, he added.

In addition, Mahendra said that the ministry has advised that traditional music be included in school curriculums.

"The minister has also welcomed (the suggestion) to include traditional music in school subjects," he remarked.

Moreover, the ministry has held various workshops for music performers and is conducting several festivals in Toba, North Sumatra and Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, he said.

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The ministry will always remain open to suggestions to advance traditional music in Indonesia, he added.

"We are ready to support any great idea from any parties, especially for traditional music," Mahendra said.

Furthermore, he lauded the organization of the International Ethnic Music Festival by the Jakarta Arts Council from September 24 to 26, 2021.

The festival will not only feature traditional music performances, but also discussions and masterclasses on traditional Indonesian music, he noted.

"We laud and fully support the event since we are also focused on the advancement of traditional music this year. Hopefully, it will become a new forum for all parties to express their works on traditional music and strengthen our music ecosystem," he added. 

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