Strict action is required, so it would not negatively affect the environment through destruction
Jakarta (ANTARA) - House of Representatives' (DPR's) Commission IX member Netty Prasetiyani called on the government to reform management of the pharmaceutical industry's product waste following the recent discovery of high quantities of paracetamol in Jakarta Bay.

In a press statement here on Tuesday, Prasetiyani expressed concern that if the problem persisted, then it would endanger both humans and ocean organisms.

The House member opined that the government should focus on addressing the issue of pharmacy waste management since Indonesia was still plagued by the pandemic that had led to the high consumption of medical products, thereby resulting in a large amount of pharmacy waste.

To this end, the government should streamline pharmacy waste management, including liquid waste produced by households and factories, in a stringent manner.

"Strict action is required, so it would not negatively affect the environment through destruction. There should be a penalty for households, apartments, industry, and others that do not manage their liquid waste properly," Prasetiyani stated.

In addition to penalty, the government should edify the public on the apt and accurate use of pharmacy products, according to Prasetiyani. Education and penalty should make citizens become more responsible in handling their waste.

The House member also requested the Jakarta regional government to immediately conduct an investigation into the finding of high quantities of paracetamol in Jakarta Bay.

Earlier, Deputy Governor of Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria spoke of his group yet awaiting the result of a research by the Environmental Service to know the reason behind paracetamol polluting the Jakarta Bay.

At the Jakarta City Hall on Monday, Patria noted that the result of a study on the water sample taken from Jakarta Bay, specifically the Ancol and Angke Estuary, will be obtained in 14 days.

The deputy governor remarked that the government will penalize parties proven to have contaminated Jakarta Bay with paracetamol.

Oceanography researcher at the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) Prof. Zainal Arifin pressed for putting in place a better liquid waste management technology to filter medicinal waste, such as paracetamol.

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