Technically, we have met the electricity needs for the MotoGP
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned electricity company PT PLN has prepared several strategies to provide uninterrupted service during the MotoGP race in Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), ranging from readying 14 uninterruptible power systems (UPS) to 11 generator units.

PLN General Manager of West Nusa Tenggara Sudjarwo stated that MotoGP's main electricity supply will come from the Lombok electricity system, UPS as the second layer, and generators as the third layer in the event of a disturbance in the main and second supply.

"A total of 14 UPS, with a total power of 2.4-megawatt amperes, were imported from Bima, Sumbawa, East Java, Jakarta, and East Nusa Tenggara," Sudjarwo noted in a press statement on Wednesday.

This commitment to provide uninterrupted service is also reflected in the testing of Operational Eligibility Certificates for mobile generators imported from Papua. The generator was also used for making the 2020 National Games (PON) in Papua a success last year.

Sudjarwo remarked that PLN had readied 11 generator units, with a total capacity of 6.2-kilovolt amperes, which will be operated during the MotoGP event.

This layered security scheme will make the electricity network at the Mandalika Circuit reliable and ensure no disturbance.

"Technically, we have met the electricity needs for the MotoGP. The uninterrupted electricity service scheme is a layered supply system readied by PLN since the World Superbike last year," he stated.

Earlier, PLN had succeeded in offering excellent electricity services during the World Superbike in November 2021 at the same venue.

The power supply of 5.19 megawatt amperes was supplied by PLN to the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) as a customer to meet electricity requirements in the circuit area from the paddock to the medical center.

The MotoGP race event at the Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok, commenced with a pre-season test on February 11-13, 2022, while the MotoGP series in Mandalika will take place on March 18-20, 2022.

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