Good and positive parenting will develop a child with a good and noble personality
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Family has an essential role to play in a child's character development through optimal parenting, an official of the Ministry of Human Development and Cultural Affairs stated.

"Good and positive parenting will develop a child with a good and noble personality," the ministry's Deputy for Coordination of Child, Women, and Youth Quality Improvement Femmy Eka Kartika Putri noted here, Wednesday.

Putri then reiterated the ministry's commitment to encouraging the fulfilment of children's rights at the family level.

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"One of their rights is the right of parents' love as well as protection, guidance, and monitoring. Those are essential to ensure that a child can grow and develop ideally," Putri emphasized.

Optimal parenting must be ensured, as parents are currently facing various challenges to protect their children from violence, bullying, pornography, drug abuse, and social conflicts, she noted.

The official said that a child must also be under constant monitoring from their parents and the community.

"It aims to ensure that all parties can cooperate to ensure children will not encounter any issue because, at present, child issues remain a challenge that must be addressed properly to ensure we can achieve a quality and golden generation (in the future)," Putri remarked.

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Monitoring and prevention measures must start from the family and neighbourhood level through character development and nurturing moral and ethical values.

"Parents and the neighbourhood must also develop an emotional bond (with them), as children must be taken care of and be understood," the ministry's official stated.

The ministry also encourages cross-sectoral policy coordination and cross-ministerial and cross-institutional planning as well as the residents' support to monitor the growth of Indonesian children.

"Coordination among all parties is essential to realize Indonesia as a child-safe country by 2030," she remarked.

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