Jakarta (ANTARA) - Some residents of Jakarta are hopeful of the Jakarta provincial government establishing more literacy parks, such as the Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park, South Jakarta, inaugurated by Governor Anies Baswedan on Sunday.

Nita, a resident, told ANTARA here Monday, of her keen interest in this new park and that she looked forward to more literacy parks being built in Jakarta.

"This park is very good for residents, especially for those interested in educational and inspirational things," Nita, a 59-year-old mother, noted.

Governor Baswedan inaugurated the Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park on Sunday, with the hopes that the park would be a meeting point for the literature community, activists, and the publishing industry, in addition to being a national and international literature center.

The Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park, located on Sisingamangaraja Street, covers an area of 20,960 square meters. The park, with shady trees, is designed on the basis of an industrial concept.

Several facilities at this park comprise the Jakhabitat Gallery, Literacy Pavilion, Banda Amphitheater, Atap Abubu Park, Plaza Kabaresi, a musalla, a lactation room, and access to the MRT.

The park was revitalized by Jakarta city-owned rapid transit operator PT MRT Jakarta and managed by its subsidiary, PT Integritas Transit Jakarta (ITJ).

According to Nita, it was rare for a city park to provide a reading space. Deni, Nita's husband, also said that more parks similar to the Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park in Blok M should be built to educate the public.

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The couple welcomes the opening of a new literacy park in South Jakarta and is optimistic that the government and residents would continue to look after the park's cleanliness.

Based on ANTARA's monitoring at 9 a.m. local time, the park had yet to be thronged by visitors, considering that it had not yet gained popularity in the community.

According to the management, the park is open from Monday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. local time.

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