First Lady witnesses learning activities in kindergarten at Sragen

First Lady witnesses learning activities in kindergarten at Sragen

First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo (left) watches one of the Pertiwi Kliwonan 1 Kindergarten students perform handwashing with soap simulation in Sragen District, Central Java, Thursday (September 22, 2022). (ANTARA/HO-Presidential Secretariat).

Jakarta (ANTARA) - First Lady Iriana Jokowi, together with Second Lady Wury Ma'ruf Amin, observed the teaching and learning activities at Pertiwi Kliwonan 1 Kindergarten in a series of working visits in Sragen, Central Java, Thursday.

According to the Presidential Secretariat statement received here, Iriana and Wury conversed with the teachers and students of Pertiwi Kliwonan 1 Kindergarten in the classroom.

Iriana and Wury then watched the kindergarten students perform a demonstration of disposing paper, cans, bottles, and organic waste that they had previously sorted out.

Watching the demonstration, the first and second ladies spontaneously applauded, showing their appreciation to the students as they sorted the garbage successfully.

Furthermore, Iriana and Wury also joined the students when they were doing a simulation of washing hands with soap.

While singing, the students seemed enthusiastic about demonstrating the hand-washing movements with Iriana, Wury, and several members of the Organization for Solidarity Action for the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet Era (OASE KIM).

Iriana then invited the students to sing national songs and children's songs during the washing hand simulation.

"Come on, who dares to come in front of (the classroom) to sing?" Iriana asked.

Two students, named Fitril and Azril, had the courage to go in front of the class and sing the national song, Garuda Pancasila. This was followed by other children who took turns singing children's songs.

"All are smart, all get a gift," the first lady said.

At the end of the event, OASE KIM handed over a package of reading books and plant seeds to the representatives.

After visiting the Windasari Batik Center, the First Lady and her entourage were scheduled to return to Jakarta via the Adi Soemarmo Air Force Base in Boyolali on Thursday afternoon.

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