Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Domestic Workers’ Protection Law (UU PPRT) can provide the legal foundation for protecting domestic workers in Indonesia, according to the Manpower Ministry.

The government has the responsibility to support the ratification of the Domestic Workers’ Protection Bill into law given that the number of domestic workers in Indonesia has reached 4.2 million, the ministry's Secretary General Anwar Sanusi said here on Friday.

"With the birth of UU PPRT, we want to be able to resolve issues related to domestic workers and have a very clear legal foundation," he explained during the bill's discussion at the ministry's office.

The regulation on domestic workers' protection can also provide legal clarification that can serve as the basis for resolving domestic workers' problems and providing them with protection, he added.

Therefore, it is important to expedite the discussion and ratification of the bill, which will serve as a legal umbrella to protect domestic workers.

When it comes to domestic workers overseas, the ministry is prioritizing protection as they are an inseparable part of Indonesian migrant workers working in the domestic sector, Sanusi said.

"We seek to have this protection to be truly clear to those who work in this domestic sector," he remarked.

During the discussion, Law and Human Rights Deputy Minister Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej said that the law is important for two reasons.

It is a form of acknowledgment of domestic workers and protection for them, he explained.

Meanwhile, a domestic worker who attended the event, Yuni, said that the bill also aims to develop a mutually supportive relationship between domestic workers and employers.

The task force to expedite the Domestic Workers’ Protection Bill was formed by the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) and comprises representatives from eight related ministries or institutions.

The task force will focus on political strategy, content development, and public communication management until December 31, 2022.

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