Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency's (BKKBN's) official, Nopian Andusti, urged family planning workers to disseminate information on the importance of a father's role in parenting to prevent stunting.

Stakeholders and the people should start to disseminate information that parenting is also a father's responsibility and not just that of the mother, he stated during the "Great Parents Class" webinar on Tuesday.

Throughout this time, taking care of children has always been considered to be the mother's duty, while a father only has to make a living, he noted.

This is despite the fact that this perception causes the lack of father's role in parenting, he stated.

Fathers play an important role in parenting since father and mother together provide complete parenting to children, he remarked.

According to Andusti, fathers' involvement can begin from the pregnancy phase to labor and post-labor periods.

When children enter a period in which they are supplemented with complementary foods for mother's milk (MPASI), fathers can also be involved by looking for information on MPASI and create MPASI, he noted.

During this period, fathers can also provide support to mothers and conduct activities with children, he remarked.

"Fathers can also establish sound communication with their families. Communication can be done at every opportunity to interact with children," he added.

Several people still overlook the fact that ignorance in parenting can lead to stunting that is not just about access to adequate nutrition for mothers and children.

"Truthfully, what is equally important is the knowledge on how to take care of children," he stated.

This webinar held by BKKBN is expected to change the behavior of fathers, who tend to place the burden of parenting on to mothers, he noted.

Moreover, they are expected to realize that all parties have equal roles in parenting, he remarked.

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