Ngawi, East Java (ANTARA) - The Ngawi Regional Police, East Java, is still in the process of investigating the finding of an alcoholic drink in a car accident that claimed six lives on Thursday (January 12).

"In addition to the finding of the jowo arak (liquor) bottle, the results of the report showed that (the bodies’ mouth) emitted a smell of alcoholic drink,” Ngawi Police’s Head of Traffic Unit, First Inspector Achmad Fahmi Adiatma told reporters here on Saturday.

In the accident, the car hit a large truck at the Ngawi Ring Road, and as a result, six of the eight car passengers were killed, with four having died at the scene while two breathed their last while receiving intensive care at the hospital.

Adiatma explained that the police found a bottle of Javanese liquor from one of the victims’ jacket.

In addition, the police obtained information from the medical team at Dr Soeroto General Hospital that several of the deceased victims emitted odor of alcoholic beverage from their mouth.

However, that information and the finding are still being investigated by police.

He stated that police had yet to obtain information from survivors, as both are still undergoing intensive care at the hospital.

While waiting for the survivors, the Ngawi Police is also awaiting the East Java Police’s Traffic Accident Analysis team’s report. The results of the three-dimensional scanner analysis will explain the chronology of events leading to the accident.

"The investigation is still ongoing to find out the exact cause of the accident that killed six people," he remarked.

Earlier, four people were reported dead while four people were critical after their car crashed into a flatbed truck that was parked on the side of the Ngawi Ring Road in Kandangan Village, Ngawi District, on Thursday (January 12) at around 2:40 a.m. local time.

Thereafter, at the hospital, two of the four critical victims was declared dead, thereby bringing the death toll to six.

Adiatma said that the truck’s parking position was already proper and did not violate any regulation.

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