Jakarta (ANTARA) - The "Pandowo Boyong" wayang orang theatre performance, a collaboration between the Indonesian Police and Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI), demonstrated synergy and solidity between the two institutions, according to Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

"This performance will also bolster the synergy and solidity between the TNI and the police," Prabowo noted, as per the statement received here.

The police chief remarked that upon receiving an invitation from TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono to partake in the wayang orang performance, taking place at Jakarta's Ismail Marzuki Park on Sunday (January 15), he accepted the invitation without hesitation and also invited other officers to perform in the act.

Apart from preserving cultural values, the performance is also a medium to showcase and maintain the solidity between the police and the military, he affirmed.

"This performance is outstanding because the (TNI) commander, the police chief, all chiefs of staff, and other high-ranking officers from all military branches performed at this act," Prabowo emphasized.

He said that the wayang orang performance promoted moral values that should be implemented in daily life, such as leadership and heroism.

"We also hope that the military-police synergy could bolster national policies to support, realize prosperity, and develop Indonesia as a better and prosperous country," the police chief stated.

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Meanwhile, Admiral Margono said that the wayang orang performance, which involved 400 people from various cultural groups, aims to help preserve and maintain wayang orang -- wayang shadow puppet performance played by human actors -- as a national heritage.

Concurring with Prabowo, he also stated that the performance demonstrated the synergy and solidity among the military, the police, and the general public.

"We hope that our performance will also entertain all Indonesians, who watch us and can preserve Indonesia's cultural heritage wayang orang," Margono remarked.

According to Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) Information Office Head, Commodore Julius Widjonono, the "Pandowo Boyong" wayang orang performance told the story of five knights, who must evacuate (boyong) from Lanka, which was occupied by Kauravas, to Hastinapura.

He remarked that in the story, the five knights, with their noble intentions and determination, successfully defeated the Kauravas despite their superior number and armaments.

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