Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Resilience Institute (Lemhannas) has proposed a budget of Rp331.18 billion (US$22.2 million) for the fiscal year (FY) 2024 to support national priority programs and institutional priorities.

"For the upcoming FY 2024, Lemhannas has submitted a draft work plan (requiring a budget of) Rp331.18 billion," Lemhannas Governor Andi Widjajanto said during a hearing before the House and the National Resilience Council (Wantannas) here on Thursday.

Widjajanto said that one of the institution's priority programs in 2024 is the national-level mentoring for leadership cadres, with a target of 400 participants every year.

The program was made to meet the needs of the TNI Headquarters, the Police Headquarters, and civilian institutions in increasing the capacity of national leaders in occupying strategic positions.

"Given the importance of the capacity of national leaders and Indonesia's geopolitical conditions ahead of the 2024 elections, we hope that Commission I of the House can support the proposed budget increase for 2024," Widjajanto said.

Overall, he said the draft budget of Rp331.18 billion for FY 2024 is intended for two programs, including national resilience programs of Rp151.51 billion (US$10.1 million) and management support programs of Rp179.67 billion (US$12 million).

In addition, Lemhannas submitted a new initiative to the Finance Minister amounting to Rp93.4 billion (US$6.2 billion), which will be used to support the institution's priority activities.

Lemhannas' priority activities include supporting global strategic assessments to build a national resilience center; developing a resilience laboratory to arrange a competency assessment for national-level leadership cadres; and supporting the telematics bureau to support informatics facilities and infrastructure at the institution.

"The fourth (priority) is for the general bureau to support public facilities and infrastructure, such as for procurement of equipment and machinery, as well as renovation of buildings that will support the plan of mentoring cadres," Widjajanto said.

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