Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah urged the International Labor Organization (ILO) to develop a skills strategy and expedite education and training programs in order to realize social justice in the work force.

"I encourage ILO and its members to develop a strong skills strategy and accelerate education and training programs that are suitable for the future," Minister Fauziyah noted in a statement received here on Tuesday.

While delivering a national speech at the 111th International Labor Conference (ILC) in Geneva, Switzerland, Minister Fauziyah emphasized the need to take into account three points in realizing social justice in the work force.

The first aspect she emphasized was the importance of access to full and productive employment and lifelong learning.

The second point is that revitalizing labor market institutions is the key to reducing inequality in the work force.

"There needs to be social dialogue to ensure fair access and benefits for vulnerable workers, such as migrant workers, agricultural and health sector workers, workers with disabilities, as well as women workers and young workers," the minister stated.

The third area of focus is to improve the quality and conditions in the work force through protecting workers in supporting a just transition due to climate change.

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She stressed the need for workers' access to comprehensive social protection through the involvement of all stakeholders and broader international cooperation.

On that occasion, Minister Fauziyah also stated that Indonesia had taken concrete steps to advance social justice at the national level.

"Indonesia continues to improve its employment programs, policies, and strategies to reduce the unemployment rate, increase the creation of decent jobs, and make the job market more inclusive and sustainable," Fauziyah affirmed.

In addition, Indonesia has revitalized vocational education and training through lifelong learning, produced an expanded G20 Skills Strategy, and pushed for harmonization of skills training standards and professional certification systems in the ASEAN.

At the annual forum, Minister Fauziyah also underscored Indonesia's commitment to promoting social dialogue with stakeholders based on freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

"That includes the formation of the Job Creation Law that aims to create and increase job opportunities and provide better protection for workers," she stated.

Minister Fauziyah emphasized Indonesia's full commitment to supporting ILO's work.

She also called on all ILO members to engage in constructive and trusting cooperation and encouraged the ILO to pay attention and accommodate the concerns of all members in a balanced and fair manner, based on international consensus.

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