Purwokerto, Central Java (ANTARA) - Muhammadiyah has urged Muslims, particularly those who follow the organization, to use the Islamic New Year as an opportunity to pursue a plethora of changes.

"New year is a yearly momentum. Other than that yearly momentum, in all times, we actually (must be) aware and pursue changes," leader of Muhammadiyah's central leadership board for law and human rights section, Muhammad Busyro Muqoddas, said in Purwokerto, Banyumas, Central Java, on Wednesday.

He delivered the statement before giving a speech at an event held to commemorate the Islamic New Year 1445, which was hosted by Banyumas' Muhammadiyah management and Purwokerto's Muhammadiyah University in the university's auditorium.

He said he expects that the new year will motivate the Muhammadiyah people to make the best of the moment.

"Whether it is new year or not, Muhammadiyah constantly pursue changes," he stressed.

Since its establishment, the organization has consistently held that the Islamic New Year is a time to cultivate the disposition to make changes for the better, he added.

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He said that the commemoration event, during which a Qu'ran recitation activity was also held, aimed to allow the leadership board to connect with other Muslims.

"Muhammadiyah is characterized by its Qur'an recitation (activity), and (what is learned from the study) is implemented through concrete acts, which is not solely for Muhammadiyah, but also for national interests in development, so the state can become civilized, just, honest, smart toward their people, that's the point," he added.

He also explained the meaning of some verses from Al Quran, specifically the 18th verse of Al Hasyr chapter.

The verse elaborates on initiatives to improve Muslim people's emotional and mental intelligence, as well as the formation of good habits, he opined.

"This verse tells us to (reflect) upon ourselves, on what we have done all these times and what we have prepared for the next days," he said.

He also stressed that the verse highlights spiritual quality and sanity.

"In the next day, we must be better than today," he added.

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