Jakarta (ANTARA) - Ministry of Communication and Informatics advised people not to disclose personal data on social media to avoid the risk of misuse.

Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics Nezar Patria assessed that even though the government has carried out the National Digital Literacy Movement, in which one of the pillars is digital security, efforts to improve public awareness to protect personal data need support from all parties.

"Our awareness of data privacy is also essential. Not all personal data has to be disclosed, be it on Facebook, or on Google, or anywhere else," he said.

Patria made the statement at the Millennial Islamic Boarding School Students Digital Literacy event in Pekalongan District, Central Java, on Saturday (August 26), according to a press release received here on Sunday.

On the occasion, he mentioned some examples of people who became victims of human trafficking due to negligence in protecting personal data.

"This starts with personal data that is overly disclosed, then they (criminals) do profiling, they know this (certain) person wants to find a job...finally, they actually micro-target people like these," he said exemplifying.

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He noted that artificial intelligence technology can operate due to big data from various sources.

"Artificial intelligence feeds on data, big data. Thus, this big data is processed, then the model is created, then the algorithms are compiled for decision making," he said.

To this end, he asked the community to stay alert when interacting with people whom they just met on digital platforms.

In terms of regulation, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics will continue to monitor the development of artificial intelligence to formulate the right regulation.

"The Ministry of Communication and Informatics tries to monitor. We do not want to make a regulation that hinders innovations," he remarked.

He further said that even though the Personal Data Protection Law has not accommodated the development of artificial intelligence, its derivative regulation, namely the Presidential Regulation, will regulate the protection of personal data for artificial intelligence purposes.

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Translator: Fathur Rochman, Raka Adji
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