Jakarta (ANTARA) - Presidential Office Staff Chief, Moeldoko, met member of the South Korean National Assembly, Hong Moon-pyo, to discuss opportunities for Indonesian farmers to work in South Korea through the concept of learning by working.

The meeting took place at the Korean National Assembly Building in Seoul, South Korea, on Monday.

"The plan is to help Indonesian farmers learn in South Korea but still manage to get paid," Moeldoko noted in a press statement on Monday.

The meeting was also attended by several members of the Korean National Assembly and South Korean entrepreneurs in the agriculture and energy sectors. The discussion aims to take bilateral relations between the two countries to a higher level.

Apart from presenting an opportunity to celebrate five decades of cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea, the meeting also discussed plans for future cooperation between both nations.

The main focus of the talks involved agriculture, green energy, and the application of digital technology in the agricultural sector.

In the context of commemorating 50 years of cooperation, Moeldoko presented the road map that President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) had prepared, which marked Indonesia's commitment to achieving a Golden Indonesia by 2045 during which the country will be celebrating its 100 anniversary marked with a per capita income exceeding US$23 thousand.

Moeldoko also detailed the idea of sending young Indonesian farmers to South Korea through the Maju Tani Nusantara organization.

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This step aims to provide young Indonesian farmers with the opportunity to gain modern agricultural knowledge from South Korea as well as experience the transformation of modern agricultural science and technology.

He remarked that this effort can be continued with investment from South Korea in the field of modern agriculture to help Indonesia in meeting the need for tropical fruit for the South Korean market.

Moeldoko also highlighted South Korea's steps to start cultivating the Tongil rice variety in 1961 and having succeeded in achieving self-sufficiency within 10 years.

Currently, he noted that Indonesia is in the innovation stage of research to develop superior M70D rice seeds, which promise harvest at 70 days of rice age, or 20 days earlier from regular grain, with double the national average production.

Meanwhile, Moon-pyo also lauded Indonesia's efforts in establishing agricultural cooperation with South Korea. He stated that Indonesia has huge potential in the agricultural sector, with its abundant land, farmers, and readiness for digital technology.

"Indonesia is a potential partner that can help South Korea develop modern agriculture," he noted.

Moon-pyo also welcomed opportunities, especially to welcome and support young Indonesian farmers.

He expressed hope that the meeting would be the start for young Indonesian farmers to learn and make the most of South Korea's experience and success in developing modern agriculture.

This meeting marks the first step towards closer cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea in the fields of agriculture and green energy. Both countries stated their commitment to creating a bright and sustainable future.

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