Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology stated that its Praktisi Mengajar (Teaching Practitioner) program connects the world of education with the world of industry.

"This program connects the world of education with the world of business and industry and closes the gap between graduates and the needs of the world of work," head of the Teaching Practitioner program, Gamaliel Waney, noted in a statement here on Monday.

Teaching Practitioner is the ministry's flagship program that connects university students with practitioners through collaborative courses.

The program is also expected to present a positive contribution to efforts to improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia as well as prepare graduates who are ready to face the dynamics of world developments in the future.

The program's account registration period for higher educational institutions, coordinators of higher educational institutions, lecturers, and practitioners is open from January 8 to January 25, 2024.

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Director of Resources at the ministry's Directorate of Higher Education, Research, and Technology Mohammad Sofwan Effendi stated that the Teaching Practitioner program contributes to improving the productivity and competency of Indonesia's human resources.

"This is because in the Teaching Practitioner program, there are supporting components for the creation of learning," he remarked.

The supporting components are universities with mastery in the academic field as well as practitioners in the world of business and industry, society, and the professional world with professional experiences.

Effendi expressed hope that the program would encourage lecturers to contribute to the professional world.

Meanwhile, universities are expected to invite practitioners to be involved in designing the curriculum and learning in class.

In this way, students would obtain comprehensive resources in the form of academic knowledge from lecturers and professional experience from the practitioners.

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