Jakarta (ANTARA) - The National Food Agency (Bapanas) has expressed readiness to work with the Indonesian Ombudsman on public service governance to ensure the availability and stable pricing of staple foods.

"Bapanas continuously strives to improve. We welcome the Ombudsman's partnership in fixing the national food condition," Head of Bapanas, Arief Prasetyo Adi, stated in a statement received from the agency on Saturday.

He remarked that the agency's public services encompass ensuring the stability of staple food prices, so the services provided must be well-implemented and be able to prevent maladministration.

"We are honored to be one of the agencies that is always supported by the Ombudsman. Please let us know what improvements need to be made. As long as it is for the country, we must be willing to be corrected," he said.

During a meeting with Indonesian Ombudsman member Yeka Hendra Fatika, Adi revealed that they had discussed the Food Supply and Price Stabilization (SPHP) and food assistance programs.

He stated that Bapanas had targeted to provide 1.2 million tons of rice in the SPHP program for all provinces.

Meanwhile, the food agency will work with local government agencies to conduct data verification on kiosks or shops that will receive the SPHP rice.

"Recently, there was SPHP rice (packages) that were taped with a picture of a certain presidential and vice presidential candidate pair. Of course, it was not done by Bapanas or the State Logistics Agency (Bulog)," he clarified.

He stated that his agency only focused on overcoming food supply deficits.

Meanwhile, Fatika noted that his side is preparing a questionnaire on the national food policy.

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