Jakarta (ANTARA) - The two largest Islamic social organizations in Indonesia have expressed hope that the political situation ahead of the upcoming presidential election will remain conducive until its completion.

Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah urged on Friday that the election be carried out honestly, fairly, and transparently, in accordance with the agreed election principles.

"We are happy that the campaign went smoothly, and there were no incidents that disrupted this political process. We hope this will run smoothly until everything is finished, whatever the outcome," PBNU Secretary General Saifullah Yusuf (Gus Ipul) said on Friday.

Gus Ipul said he did not deny that the political situation has heated up ahead of the presidential election.

However, he expressed belief that all parties will position themselves well and consider this part of the political dynamics.

He added that the presidential election is a process that must be undertaken in a democracy.

"This election is a process that we have to go through. After that, we unite again, looking for ways so that we can plan a better future for the nation," he said.

Meanwhile, Muhammadiyah Secretary General Abdul Mu'ti said that all parties must accept the results of the presidential election as the people's choice and a manifestation of the people's sovereignty.

He advised the winning and losing parties to remain polite and put the interests of the nation above personal or group interests.

"Those who win must not be arrogant; those who lose must remain humble. After the election, we must unite again," he added.

Mu'ti said he believes there needs to be a reconciliation after the elections so that there is no such thing as "winner takes it all," while losers are eliminated.

"I don't think that's part of our character and political system. We do not recognize the ruling government or the opposition parties. Everything is part of the pillars of Indonesian democracy," he added.

Gus Ipul and Mu'ti expressed hope that parties will not mobilize crowds if there is a dispute over the results of the presidential election and encouraged all parties to resolve problems in accordance with legal mechanisms.

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Translator: Sigit Pinardi, Katriana,
Editor: Anton Santoso
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