Star reform party joins Gerindra

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The general chairman of the Star Reform Party (PBR), Bursah Zarnubi, said his party had decided to join the Gerindra Party to raise an alternative leader for the country.

"We need an alternative leader who has courage to fight new liberalism," he said after signing the agreement for the merger with Gerindra`s general chairman Suhardi here on Friday.

The ceremony was also attended by leaders of the Peace and Prosperous Party, the National Front Party, the Workers` Party and the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Party which are also expected to join Gerindra.

Bursah said he believed Gerindra would be stronger with PBR joining it to produce the alternative leader.

Moreover six parties that have not passed the electoral threshold in the 2009 general elections have also joined Gerindra namely the Freedom Party, the Labor Party, the Indonesia Nahdlatul Ummah Unity Party (PPNUI), the Marhaenist People Party, the Sovereignty Party and the United Indonesia Party (PSI).

Gerindra`s chief patron Prabowo Subianto said the joining of PBR into Gerindra PBR was strength injection for his party.

"With PBT joining Gerindra gets huge power injection. PBR has legislative assembly members, network and huge cadres," he said.

He said Gerindra right now has 600 board members at central, provincial and district/city levels and so with board members from PBR and six other parties that had earlier joined Gerindra they would become a significant force.

"Three more parties are interested to join," Prabowo said.

According to plans, the merger of some parties into Gerindra would be declared in a big ceremony in May.

In his speech Prabowo said Indonesia needs a change especially in the economic system because after 65 years of independence the people have not yet enjoyed prosperity.

"I believe people will soon a alternative future for Indonesia," he said.