TNI mission in Congo sets good example

TNI mission in Congo sets good example


Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The officers of the United Nations force in Kongo (Mission De L`Organisation Des Unies Pour La Stabilisation En Republique Demokratique de Congo/Monusco) on Wednesday inspected the road construction work being done by the Indonesian force at the Dungu-Kongo region, according to Indonesian National Defense (TNI)`s Information Center On Thursday.

Munosco Deputy Force Engineer (DFE) Mayor Mahmud of Bangladesh led the inspection team to the area where the road construction being done and received by Lt. Colonel Widiyanto, commander of TNI-Army Engineers Company corps in the UN assignment in Kongo, code named Konga XX-H.

With a security escort from Konga XX-H, the Manusco team reached the Aru bridge project, the most difficult point with harsh climate and terrain condition. The team found the harshness of the work being done as the condition of the original road had been in a devastated condition.

The Manusco team also has seen the harsh living condition where members of Konga XX-H lived inside large field tent under extreme heat of sun rays but the Indonesian personnel kept working in a high spirit, the TNI Information Center said.

The particular terrain where the bridge construction is being done happens also a difficult point where heavy construction vehicles cannot be operated.

After seeing the situation, Major Mahmud said he would report the high command at Manusco of the exemplary job done with full dedication and service by the Indonesian force, according to the information center.