"He was arrested because he allegedly possessed explosive materials and was probably linked with Muchamad Syarif."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia State Police (Polri) have arrested another three suspects in the April 15 suicide bombing inside a mosque in the Cirebon city police compound.

"The three were arrested in different places on Friday and Saturday," Head of the Public Information Service at the Indonesian Police Headquarters Snr Comr Boy Rafli Amar said on Sunday.

The three were identified by their initials as JH, Fd and E alias Baim. JH was arrested in Boyolali, Central Java, and Fd and E in Depok, West Java, Boy said.

The police made the arrest after they investigated another suspect identified as Ishak Andriana alias Abu Sifa arrested in Cirebon, West Java, on Friday at 02.00 p.m. local time, he said.

"JH was arrested on Friday at 05.00 p.m. in Boyolali in connection with the sales of FN firearms and Fd on Jalan Raya Raden Saleh Studio Alam, Depok, also in connection with the sales of FN firearms," he said.

Also on Saturday, the police`s anti-terror unit Densus 88 arrested E at Mekar Jaya, Depok, in connection with the sales of ammunition for various types of firearms, he said.

"The police then ransacked a house where they found 344 rounds of ammunition for AK 47 and SS 1 firearms.... During a raid on the house of ZL who has bought firearms from Fd in Depok, the police found a FN gun and 34 bullets," Boy said.

Officers of the unit took in Ishak Andriana alias Abu Sifa at 2 p.m. on Friday in Karang Kencana, Pagongan Timur, Panjunan village, Lemah Wungkuk, Cirebon.

Abu Sifa, along with another suspect, Musala, had hidden or protected Endut and Irwan, other wanted terrorist suspects who could assemble bombs.

Musala was arrested on Monday in Slawi, Central Java, while he was selling goods at a night market.

"He was arrested because he allegedly possessed explosive materials and was probably linked with Muchamad Syarif who carried out a suicide bomb attack on the Cirebon police headquarters recently," Boy said on Saturday.

"Police are still chasing several other people in Central Java allegedly involved in the bombing in Cirebon," he said.

Earlier, the police confirmed that a man named Mohammad Syarif was the suicide bomber that set off a bomb at the Adz Zikro mosque in the compound of the headquarters of the Cirebon police on April 15, killing himself and wounding dozens of others including the chief of the Cirebon police city resort Adj Snr Comr Herukoco.

With the bomb strapped around his belly he entered the mosque and sat behind the police chief. Shortly after prayers began he detonated it. He died at the scene with his stomach destroyed.

Syarif proved to be one of five people the police had wanted in connection with vandalism at the Alfarmart shop in Cirebon district. Syarif and 11 others from a local mass organization in Cirebon were reported to have been involved in the vandalism of the Alfamart.

At least 30 witnesses have been questioned so far including his wife, parents and younger brother but no indications have been found of their involvement in the bombing action in Cirebon.

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