Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A couple suspected of being linked to a terror network is reported to have been arrested at their home in Bekasi, West Java, on Saturday.

Members of the Police`s Special Detachment (Densus) 88 raided the couple`s rented house in Pondok Cipta Blok E no.167, Bintara, West Bekasi, West Java at 06.00 local time.

"They have lived here for about nine months. They claimed, they previously lived in Penggilingan, Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta," said the local neighborhood chief (RT), Herdono.

The arrested man, Yahya, was estimated to be approximately 40-45 years old and his wife, Tia, about 30-35 years. They were known as a friendly and polite people in the housing complex.

Herdono said he often saw Yahya carrying high tech gadgets in and out of his house using his motorcycle, and Tia had recently begun wearing a veil.

"I never saw any suspicious activity in their house, not even a routine Quran recitation (pengajian) gathering," said Herdono.

According to one of Yahya`s neighbors, Erna, the couple was nice and always smiled when they met other local residents.

"I heard a noise from Tia`s house at around 06.00 am and I saw many uniformed and heavily armed men enter her house," said Erna who lived next to the couple`s rented house.

During the raid at 06.00 am, the Densus 88 officers called on other residents of the complex to stay inside their homes and take cover if there was shooting.

But the raid proceeded without resistance from the couple and not a single shot was fired. Then, Yahya, Tia and Yahya`s brother whose name was not known, were seen being led away by the police officers who also took out things in cardboard boxes from the house.

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