Whirlwinds destroy many houses in Tasikmalaya

Tasikmalaya (ANTARA News) - Strong whirlwinds destroyed many houses and cut down tall trees in the coastal areas of Cipatujah and Karangnunggal sub-districts, southern Tasikmalaya, West Java, Monday afternoon.

No fatalities had been reported so far, but many villagers panicked after watching trees fell on their homes and cut power lines.

Cidadap village chief Asep Supratman said the strong whirlwinds had destroyed many houses there.

He said two houses had been seriously destroyed by the strong winds and many trees uprooted.

"Local village security personnel are still inspecting and counting the destroyed houses, but nobody has been killed so far," he said.

In the meantime, Cipatujah sub-district chief Heri Sogiri said heavy downpours and strong winds struck the area from 10 to 11 am.

Heri said it had been established that many houses had been seriously destroyed and damaged including those in Cipanas, Ciandum, Cipatujah and Nagrog, and 11 houses in Cikawungading had minor damage.

"We have coordinated with local authorities for assistance including food and medical help of injured victims," Heri.(*)