Shark warning issued for beach goers in Cape Town

Shark warning issued for beach goers in Cape Town

White shark in its habitat. (

... beach users should always remain vigilant...
Cape Town, S Africa (ANTARA News) - The City of Cape Town on Tuesday warned beach goers of inshore movement of sharks over the summer season.

Shark sightings recorded by the Shark Spotters have consistently shown a seasonal increase during the period from September to April, peaking in mid-summer, the city said in a statement.

With typically shark sightings reported in late August, the city is therefore appealing to all beach users to be aware of the expected increase in shark presence in the inshore area over the summer months, the statement said.

"White sharks are present in the Cape's waters all year round and the possibility of encountering one of these animals at any time is minimal. However, beach users should always remain vigilant," the statement said.
The statement urged beach users to use areas where Shark Spotters are on duty and to take the time to speak to the Shark Spotters on the day they visit the beach to find out about recent sightings and activity as well as the current conditions which determine the effectiveness for shark spotting.

Beach users are also requested to take the time to familiarize themselves with the Shark Spotter signage and to ensure that they understand the four flag warning system, according to the statement, adding they should be aware of the use of a siren to close the beach.

Compared with other coastal cities worldwide, Cape Town has the highest number of reported shark attacks. In April, a great white shark killed a man doing body-boarding off the coast of Cape Town. Last year, a British swimmer lost both legs after he was attacked by a great white shark off a Cape Town beach after ignoring warning signs.